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Nick Viall Is Bummed That William Shatner Is Trying to Get Him Kicked Off 'Dancing With the Stars'


If you don't know who Nick Viall is: he's the most recent bachelor on The Bachelor and he's pretty polarizing--a lot of people really hate him. And one of those people is beloved icon William Shatner, who has made it his own personal mission to get Viall kicked off Dancing With the Stars.

During Monday's premiere episode, Shatner tweeted, "Vote against him. The more everyone votes for everyone else the quicker he'll be off."

Today, Viall responded, and he is bummed. He says, "It was heartbreaking because I am his biggest fan. Who doesn’t love Captain Kirk? Also a big ’T.J. Hooker’ fan — that’s some of his best work... Maybe we will have a cup of coffee one day."

See the full story at People.

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