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Manny Ramirez's Japanese Baseball Contract Gives Him Unlimited Sushi and Optional Practice


Former MLB star Manny Ramirez is continuing his career and Japan, and is getting some perks in his contract.

Ramirez plays for the Kochi Island Fighting Dogs of the Japanese independent Shikoku Island League.  When he signed the contract back in December, details were not released, but now they have been.

Manny's contract not only guarantees that he will have “Manny” on the back of his No. 99 jersey, but it also gives him use of a Mercedes with his own driver, makes practices completely optional for him, and gives him unlimited sushi for the entire baseball season.

Those are some pretty awesome perks.  The 44-year-old gets to play the game he loves, but doesn't have to practice, and can eat all the sushi he wants.

Read the full story at USA Today.

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