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FOX and NBC in Bidding War to Bring Back 'American Idol'


'American Idol' is probably being revived, and two networks are fighting for it.

Both NBC and the show's original network, FOX, have submitted bids to FreemantleMedia, the owner of the show.

NBC wants the show because they are worried about airing "The Voice" too much, plus Adam Levine reportedly only wants to do one cycle of the show.  If they land "American Idol," they will air each show once per year.

NBC also wants to bring Ryan Seacrest back to the show.

FOX still loves the show but it became too expensive to produce, but are still looking to bring it back and keep it away from NBC.

Don't expect the new version of "American Idol" until 2018 or 2019, with all new judges. 

Read the full story at TMZ.

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