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Bodyguards Hired for Accountants Involved in Best Picture Blunder at Oscars


The accountants involved in the now infamous "Moonlight"-"La La Land" Best Picture screw-up at the Oscars have had to hire bodyguards.

A PricewaterhouseCoopers representative says that the firm has enlisted a security service for Brian Cullinan, the accountant responsible for handing over the incorrect envelope that led to La La Land being announced as best picture rather than actual winner Moonlight, and his colleague, Martha Ruiz.

The reason they felt it necessary to hire guards is because there have been crowds of people congregating outside of their respective homes.

The firm has also received thousands of emails from the public.  They have not had time to sift through all of them, and while they haven't seen any death threats yet, some have a very angry tone.  They thought it was best to protect their employees.

The Academy has severed ties with the accountants.

Read the full story at the Hollywood Reporter.

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