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Homer Simpson to Be Inducted Into the Baseball Hall of Fame


Pete Rose, Major League Baseball's all-time hits leader is not in the Hall of Fame.  Homer Simpson is.

The Baseball Hall of Fame has announced that its newest inductee will be the cartoon patriarch.  Homer Simpson will join the ranks of so many great players in a special ceremony on May 27, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the classic episode “Homer At The Bat.”

"The Simpsons" executive producers Al Jean and Mike Reiss, director Jim Reardon, executive story editor Jeff Martin, and casting director Bonnie Pietila, along with MLB legends Wade Boggs and Ozzie Smith, just two of the ringers recruited by Mr. Burns for the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant softball team, will precede the induction with a roundtable discussion of the episode.

“Homer at the Bat” originally aired on FOX on Feb. 20, 1992 and is one of the most talked-about episodes of the show.

Read the full story at Yahoo Sports.

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