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A Nazi-Punching Film Festival is Coming to Brooklyn


Have you ever dreamt of a collection of movie scenes where someone punches a Nazi?  If so, it's time to book a weekend trip to Brooklyn.

A free film festival is coming to Brooklyn on February 4th and the content will be very specific.

Fash Bash: A Night of Nazi-Punching On Film "is a film screening of clips from movies in which people are resisting and protesting fascism. A dozen or so friends and contributors of the magazine, The New Inquiry, will be selecting the clips from film history and introducing them briefly."

The festival will be 90-minutes and include more archaic historical films as well as mainstream ones such as "Inglorious Basterds" and "Indiana Jones."

So if you love movies, hate Hitler, and want to see Nazis get beat up, this is the festival for you.

Read the full story at Gothamist.

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