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Detroit Getting World's First Applebee's/IHOP Combo Restaurant


Is Detroit the greatest place on Earth?

The city that has seen a renaissance over the last couple years, is about to be the location where two of the most iconic restaurant chains in the United States are about to collide for the first time.

The world's first IHOP/Applebee's combination restaurant will be opening in downtown Detroit in 2017.  The restaurant will be a ridiculously large 12,000 square feet, and able to seat up to 300 people at a time.

They will serve all-day breakfast as IHOP does so well, and mix it with the casual bar and grill food that makes Applebee's so popular.

The combo eatery will also have a full-scale coffee bar and will be decorated to represent the Motor City.

Time to star planning your trip.

Read the full story at Foodbeast.

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