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Detroit Lions Star DeAndre Levy Says Breaking 'Dirtbag' Joe Paterno's Leg Was His 'Proudest Moment in College' [VIDEO]


Knowing what we all know now, there are not a ton of Joe Paterno fans outside of Penn State.  The legendary football coach has had his legacy sullied by his involvement in the Jerry Sandusky child sex scandal.  

Detroit Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy had a moment in college that some wouldn't be proud of, but he know says it was his greatest moment while at Wisconsin.  Tell us how you really feel!

10 years ago, when Levy was tackling a Penn State player near the sideline, his momentum took him into Paterno’s lower body. The former Nittany Lions coach suffered a broken leg, and Levy said in a recent feature for Men’s Journal that injuring Paterno was his finest moment at Wisconsin.

For good measure he also called him a "dirtbag."

While you usually don't want to injure someone, it is understandable that Levy looks back on that moment with a little bit of pride.

See the full story at The Big Lead and check out the video of the play below.

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