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Robbery Suspect Sends Apology Text


A Florida car salesman was held at gunpoint and robbed by a man who was actually a regular at Power Motors Auto Brokers, Inc. of Bonita Springs.

Anthony Spinella said that Romelson Faustin had been a familiar face at the establishment since September.  After he was robbed at gunpoint, Spinella said he received a text from Faustin.

“He just said give me the money that’s in your pockets,” Spinella said. “So then he texted me about an hour — 45 minutes later. And the text said ‘Bro, I was on Mollies, I’m sorry.'”

It's hard to forgive a crime, but nice to know he was immediately regretful.  Unfortunately, that won't help him in court.

Read the full story here.

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