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Rapper G-Eazy Filmed Allegedly Snorting Coke Off Woman's Chest Post-VMAs


After the MTV VMAs aired Sunday night, one of the most talked-about moment was Britney Spears's duet with G-Eazy. At one point, the rapper appeared to lean in for a kiss, only to have Britney pull away and shake her head at him.

It appears the G-Eazy was able to shake off the rejection later that evening, thanks to a line of what appears to be cocaine laid out on a woman's chest.

In a Snapcat video, a person looking suspiciously like G-Eazy is seen bending over and snorting the white substance off the topless woman, though who it is and what the powder is is purely speculation at this point.

Watch the video below, and read the full story at BroBible.

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